We welcome volunteers for two week stays from April to October, or we run ad hoc days for locals, usually monthly.

This year, we are asking that all volunteers arrive on Mondays.

On 19th-21st July we are celebrating our 50th anniversary. Those volunteering with us then will need to camp for that weekend.

We welcome new volunteers for two-week stays throughout April to October. We don’t take volunteers for less than two weeks if it is their first visit. We limit how many we accommodate at any one time (and usually fill all these spaces) so it is advisable to arrange and confirm your booking in good time or risk being disappointed. We may ask you to share a room with another volunteer of the same gender if we have limited space.

We suggest volunteers participate in community activities for six hours a day, five days a week, with two days of rest each full week, but to be clear:

a. You will be providing your time and effort completely freely

b. You can come and go as you please

c. You are under no obligation to provide any services

d. You will not suffer any sanctions if you do not perform those volunteer duties (the accommodation and food is not contingent on how you carry out your volunteering)

A range of farm activities make up the volunteering experience here at Old Hall. They might include outdoor activities such as digging, weeding, planting, gathering vegetables and fruit, fencing, haymaking, crop maintenance, etc; and indoor activities such food processing, cleaning and decorating. Cooking is not an activity that volunteers are normally asked to do, but sometimes volunteers might get together and prepare the community an international delight! Please bring outdoor working clothes, waterproofs, strong boots or shoes and gloves.

Your tasks are not likely to be excessively hard, but volunteering does involve being reasonably fit and energetic and being outside in wet weather conditions. An up to date tetanus vaccination is advisable.

In order that you can volunteer, we provide you with free accommodation and three meals a day, eating with the community. We always have a vegetarian option. We may be able to cater for other diets on request. Please let us know of any dietary requirements on your booking form. In your free time you have an opportunity to visit the nearby towns of Ipswich and Colchester by bus and to visit the coast or London by train. An internet connection is available for your use.

Please do not bring a dog or other pets.  We do not accept volunteers under 18 years of age.

Volunteering/WWOOF Families at Old Hall

We accept a limited number of volunteer families per year.  One adult volunteers and the other adult is responsible for the children and pays a contribution of £13 per day (subject to change) including meals and accommodation.  There is a half price contribution for each child.  In practice, adults sometimes swap roles and children can take part in suitable activities if they wish.

If you are a member of the WWOOF organisation please supply your WWOOF membership number. It is also important that you provide contact details of someone to be contacted if there is an emergency – you can do this in the Google form.

The Climate and Ecological Crisis

We have been living communally at Old Hall for 49 years and growing much of our own food. We wish to minimise our harmful impact upon the world, and encourage all visitors to consider how they travel, especially if you are coming a great distance. We are on a local bus route and may collect people from our nearest mainline railway station if anyone is free. If you are travelling internationally, please consider using trains and buses are far as possible. Many of us have found www.seat61.com very useful in planning overseas travel.

Please do not make travel arrangements until we have confirmed your booking.

Por favor, no haga arreglos de viaje hasta que hayamos confirmado su reserva.

Veuillez ne pas organiser votre voyage avant que nous ayons confirmé votre réservation.

Bitte treffen Sie keine Reisevorbereitungen, bis wir Ihre Buchung bestätigt haben.

Non-residential opportunities

If you live close enough to Old Hall, you may join us for volunteering days. We usually start at 9.30am and provide lunch, and finish between 4 and 5pm (depending on weather and task). These happen throughout the year. Provisional dates this year are 18th May, 17th August, 28th September, 19th October, 30th November, all of which are dependent on the crops.  YOU MUST BOOK IN ADVANCE

All enquiries: oldhallvolunteers@gmail.com

We have had some wonderful times with our volunteers and we are looking forward to meeting you!